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Originally Posted by xxe92xx View Post
So i have a 3 ton floor jack by Husky...and a couple jack stands, but what im wondering is will it be SAFE to just lift the left rear of the car by the floor jack and remove the left rear tire? or should i use a jack stand also and where would i put the jack stand if the floor jack is already lifting at the lift point? this is for an oem alarm install by the way
Lift the car at the jack point inboard of the sill. Use a pad or block on you jack (ore get the special adapter that fits the lift point). Jacks stands are always a good idea, as a hydraulic jack can suffer a catastrophic failure and fall. I would use the pivor pint for the rear trailing arms, which is reinforced. You don't have to rest the weight of the car on the stand, just keep it under there for safety should it fall.

This pic show the front on jack stands, but you get the idea.


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