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Originally Posted by elp_jc View Post
For just one wheel and without having to get under the car, I jack the car up from the jack location and just lower the car to its proper stance after removing wheel (I don't like leaving it all twisted), do the work needed, then raise car again and reinstall wheel.

Having said that, if you need to keep the car lifted for a longer period of time just raise it from the differential and put the rear on jack stands. I prefer to use the subframe 'elbows' for the jack stands but you need jack stands with round pads to be safe. Othewise use the jacking pads in front of the wheels but put rags or something or you'd break them with the typical angled surface of most jack stands. Oh, and you'd need a wood shim (a piece of 4x4) or something to be able to lift the car that high. And no, I don't like doing that. Good luck.

when you say you lower the car to its proper stance do you leave it on the jack? or do add a jack stand?