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Originally Posted by lucid View Post
Yep, lowering would change things. When I say stock suspension, I mean stock springs. With those, folks have not been able to get more than -1.3 or so.

I can confirm that. All stock e90 M3 just had alignment last week. Asked for max neg camber up front and ended up with -1.0 on the left and -1.2 on the right.
Pre-alignment was -0.5 left and -1.2 right. Car with 6,700 miles, no accidents, no curbs or potholes.

Bottom line:
1) Those of you seeing unequal tire wear, check your alignment first.
2) Max stock alignment negative camber (no lowering) is probably -1.2 to -1.4 range (without pulling pins).
3) We probably need to see more data on track tire temps before deciding what the optimal negative camber is for these vehicles (street tires not R-comp).