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Originally Posted by aajami View Post

Any changes to the exhaust as part of the ZCP package?
I wish!! I asked about this along with any potential hp increase and was told, definatively, "no".....for both. I trust this info implicitly. I'm negotiating for a few bits and pieces from the GTS but I suspect (for example my request for availabiltity of the GTS exhaust) will be denied because it's tied to the "GTS only" 4.4L motor rather than the the stock version. I'm still waiting to hear about the brakes. I can live without an upgraded exhaust...and brakes for that matter, but it doesn't hurt to ask.

As for you other guys complaining that the Comp. pkg will require the EDC.....I "thought" that my info regarding the EDC being reprogrammed for the new package would have given you a clue that EDC will be a mandatory option. Jeez.....just 'cause I'm'me a break!! I won't post ANYTHING here unless I know it's a fact.

So trust me.....and can I sell you a refridgerator for that igloo???