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Originally Posted by impulsebrklyn
My car just finided production yesterday on Aug 10th. How long do you all think it will take to get. Im in Brooklyn, NY 15 minutes from NYC. Im getting impatient and I have feeling I still have a long wait ahead of me. 3 weeks? 4weeks? most likely more?

Thanks Chris
For those of you that were interested my vehicle was on the MEDEA it left on the 15th so im assuming there is a 2 day lag over the phone when it ships and a 3day lag on the Owners Cirlce Website. Cargo tracking for Wallenius Wilhelmsen took 3-4 days for it to register on there website. My 330i will be at port on the 26th. If you search by Vessel on Wallenius Wilhelmsen it shows you all of its stops and when it arrives and departs at each location.

SO WHEN DO YOU THINK I WILL GET MY CAR?? Im in Brooklyn, NY 20 minutes from NYC? You think i will get it by September 1st??