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Well, I know my vehicle is on the Marina Ace and it left the port of Bremerhaven on 08/16/05. However, I can't use the NYK Line website without registering and to register you apparently must be a customer. I tried the site and it just times out. Can someone please direct me to a site that can be used to track my new baby? Or maybe I'm doing something wrong . . .

Okay, (doh!) I figured out the NYK Line tracking. But now, even though I enter the port of origin and destination along with the verified departure date no information is available. How could this be?

I have the dealer "Vehicle Inquiry: Status" with the vessel name, voyage number, bill of lading number and actual departure date and still I can find no info on this ship. Whaddup?

Okay, tried the sailwx site this evening and it's up now. However my ship is not on there.

Update: For future reference, although this hasn't helped me locate or track my ship yet, the NYK Marina Ace, the ship's Call Sign is: 3EQH5! Hopefully this will help someone in the future.