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In real life I have seen 3 new E60 M5's so far.

One was heading to me in my hometown and I first thought it was a 530/535d or something with a sportspackage(and I AM A BMW spotter )

The second was to be delivered last week when I was at my dealers, I walked by it and thought again, 530d/535d with sportspackage, it was a new black M5

Yesterday in the showroom a Silverstone M5 was standing there being very agressive. Next to this monster was a 535d saloon in black metallic an sportspackage + 19" alloys.

For about 85% they look equal to me an I AM A BMW spotter

OK, maybe the 5series/M5 difference is not very big but a E90 with M front bumper/package will com rather close to the oncomming E90 M3, I 'm shure. Hence my former E46s(330d/330i with M sportpackagesII and 18") they looked also 85% equal to the E46 M3.