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Originally Posted by Nater View Post
You are probably right, I think EDC is probably part of the package, I just noticed that when you order the ZCP, EDC comes with it... so not sure which way it will be. Whichever way it is the Competition Package cars will all have EDC it appears. I apologize, like I said before I have very limited information at this time.

I also agree with you in the fact that some of their pricing on options is rediculous, and I am sure that however they decide to include the EDC, none of us will be getting it for free...
No need to apologize... my comment is towards BMW. Lately they have been combining options (for example, Individual Audio and Extended Leather requires iDrive) that do not have anything/technical dependency to do with the other option, just done to increase price.

Most probably it is part of the package if the comment about a "ZCP-tuned" EDC is true.