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I live in Houston and my car was on a W&W ship which arived in Charleston.

Thanks for the response bookman2 and hunter 399 -

I checked with the dealer again, and now know that the car is on the Andes Highway, due 7/3 in Charleston. Originally I had thought that cars might come to Houston directly - there is a fairly large port here... but I guess as far as BMW is concerned, it is East Coast.

The Andes Highway isn't a W&W boat, so that's why my car didn't track.
(I had copied and pasted my VIN straight from the Owner's Circle, but it had crossed my mind that it was a typo). Anyway, I have a few days of calm as I imagine my car bobbing across the Antlantic. I am guessing the computer on the BMW 800 number is already missing my daily calls! I will be calling again on the 3rd to see how things progress.
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