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Originally Posted by Oliver
bookman2 and jbl16,

I think my car is also on the Trinidad - have you succeeded in getting your VIN to track on the W&W site?

Mine is not coming up, and I was wondering whether I was in the right place.

Oliver, a couple of things may be the reason your having trouble. First, be sure your entering your VIN correctly--I know it sounds silly but its easy to transpose a number or letter in a 17 digit string. The other (more likely) reason is that your car may be on another ship. It's my understanding that cars heading to dealers in the east and mid west come though the eastern ports of NY/NJ and Charleston, whereas those heading for customers out west come in on a different shipping line and dock at west coast ports. I see from your tag that you're in Houston, check your dealer to find out which shipping line services your area. Good luck.