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Originally Posted by Oliver

Thanks for the screenshot - now I know what I am looking for. I wonder if you recall whether your car changed to "in transit" on the 800 number around the 15th when it was booked for the voyage, or around the 20th when it was loaded?

I am guessing that mine is not on the Trinidad after all, but perhaps was booked on the Freedom that left today - then it might appear at W&W in another couple of days.

Setting aside the etiquette of quoting my own post, I wanted to let everyone know that the reason my car didn't show at W&W is that it is on a boat called Andes Highway, which is not a W&W boat (belongs to Wilmington Shipping Co). My salesman helped me clear that up. So no tracking...

The good news is that it will in Charleston on 7/3, a couple of days earlier than I expected! You can see vessel arrival at Charleston Port - useful if your boat doesn't track.

So I guess, not everyone's car will be trackeable exactly as mapped out in this thread at the top... aah the complexity of supply chains.
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