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Thank you for the post, I think you said it best. I cannot agree anymore with you - everyone should do their homework before buying their wheels. I made a mistake of buying a subpar wheels for $1500 and that is the biggest regret I've ever had - now I use wheels as an ornament and the base of a coffee table. I can't even bare selling the wheels because it is crap and it's not fair to the 2nd owner.

Our oem 19s are amazing - forged, light and extremely strong. They are on my car now with winter tires on and i've gone through some pretty rough roads and they have held up very well. The finish on them are also very unique - I am a terrible drive and somehow always end up with road rash. I got them refinished recently and it sure was not easy to replicate the bluish hue of the clearcoat that the OEM finish has.