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Originally Posted by noxredna View Post
Well correct me if I'm wrong but I never said the OEM 19s were an inferior wheel. Also please take note that the BBS LM-Rs is a three piece forged wheel as compared to our OEM 19s (single-piece, forged) and P40s (monoblock forged) so how would you even compare them?
The only reason I compared them is because BBS only makes 1 forged monoblock and the LM-R seems to be the most popular "performance" wheel they have in the M3 fitment at this time.

Originally Posted by noxredna View Post
Take a look at Rays' TE-37 which are used for our M3 GT2 Rahal racing team - 21.6lbs and 22.2lbs both with wider width wheels as well. I believe the racing team runs an 18" G2 version.
I wasn't aware there was a G2 available in 18" that fits our car but if there is, then yes it would be a significant improvement.

Originally Posted by noxredna View Post
I am not hating on HREs, they are an excellent wheel company.. but a lot of people in this board have the misconception that they are the end all be all wheel for our M3s; both in the looks department (which i applaud them for) and performance (which is unknown/questionable).
I guess the question about their so called inferior performance and banning from motorsports leagues has been addressed in the post above. While you may not be hating on HRE, it seems a lot of other people are because they are an expensive wheel and somehow think that $$$$ = performance or have some outrageous expectation like -6/7 lbs per corner. I was always under the assumption that we were referencing the OEM 19s but if we're talking the OEM 18s maybe that's possible. But a significant improvement over the OEM 19s in terms of weight and durability is going to be tough to do on a lower priced wheel. I think this is one of those instances where you gotta pay to play.

Bottom line, people should just do their research before buying. HRE is definitely not the all in one solution. They make beautiful wheels that are durable and relatively light but not the lightest on the market. If you're looking for all out performance, don't expect it from HRE.
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