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Originally Posted by LWL
BMW uses different shipping companies for east and west coast. For west coast, BMW uses NYKLine for shipping, however, NYKLine did not have the updated schedule on the web like Wallenius Wilhelmsen (east coast deliveries) has.

Below are some useful links to track the ships. (source credited to e36M3r @

Wallenius Wilhelmsen (east coast deliveries)

N Y K line (West coast deliveries)

Shipping schedule from Bremerhaven (use Port Hueneme for the EXPORT) <---- I found this one to be very useful for us <people in west coast> because NYKLine schedule is hard to find.

San Diego Marine Information Systems. <--- use this one to get the arrival schedule for Port Hueneme (west coast delivery)
Well I beleive everyone here is very lucky in the transit times for your cars , here in hawaii we have to waite around 12 weeks time of order to arrival at VPC, then another 2 weeks there, then load onto another trailer, then another ship to hawaii another 2 weeks, then a another week at the dealer before pick up, so in all around 17-20 weeks from time of order to drive time. So consider all that we have to go thru before we here in the aloha state have our ride, you have been driving yours for over a month, when we have ordered at the same time. Peace and good will