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Originally Posted by stylinexpat View Post
If I was going to spend over $6K on wheels I would want to save around 6-7 lbs. per corner but that's me
OEM 19s are already 23 lbs so 6-7 lbs per corner would mean you need to find a 19" wheels that weighs 16 or 17 lbs which I don't think I've ever come across.

Originally Posted by noxredna View Post
I don't think they are by any means as concentrated on the performance or motorsports aspects of a car in compared to BBS or Rays or a number of larger European/Japanese companies.
BBS LM-Rs are 23 lbs in 19" just like the OEM 19s so I guess BBS is not really focused on performance either because they don't weight 5+ lbs less. While I'm all for lightweight wheels, it seems like some of you guys are expecting the impossible and want it cheap. Reality is, the OEM wheels are very good in terms of weight and durability and other than cosmetics, its really hard to make a significant improvement.
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