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Originally Posted by infamxkris View Post
alright i guess i will be waiting on a different m3.. a couple of non CPO m3s have been reducing in price as i can assume noone is really in the market to buy a 50k car in these economic times.. the dealer told me to not even call him with a offer like low 50s he told me to only call if i can over 57k or more.. so i guess i will wait for another m3 or see if he lowers his price knowing it wont sell for that price! also 2010 is coming up and i am guessing i can use that to my advantage! oh and merry christmas to everyone hope you guys have a good and safe one! =)
I think you're made a wise decision. I'd stay away from that dealer in the future as they don't seem reasonable or willing to deal. (They remind me of the "Auto Maul" dealers we have in my area....) I'm not sure what things are like re: bringing in out-of-state cars to NY (tax, license, law/expense considerations, etc.) but if that's a viable option you might have more to choose from if you can hit surrounding states....