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Originally Posted by AW335i View Post
dude was prolly driving his parents car, because you will notice someone who drives the car daily doesnt try and do stupid shit liek that.
You would be surprised, my high school had many BMWs, I had a Land Rover. I don't think parents should buy their 16 year old kids brand new BMWs. Give them a car that isn't as nice, because almost everyone at that age was stupid with their car, I was. I got my e90 last year when I was 20 as an early college graduation gift from my grandmother because my car was dying (typical British car). I understand people who are older than me saying that a 20 year old shouldn't be given a brand new $50k BMW, because they worked hard to pay for their car. But as long as I don't act like an idiot there is no reason to really look down on me. I guess that is why I will not go to any BMW type event, because I know that most people would say, hey good for you, but there are those people who don't like it that ruin it.