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I'm 19.

My first car was a Honda S2000 2002 (used). Worked my ASS OFF from being a Busboy, Passenger Representitive Supervisor at two different companies (Princess Cruises and Celebrity Cruises), and an office admin at a local warehouse company. ALL AT THE SAME TIME DURING SUMMER! When high school was in, I was still working nights and weekends. I took very great care of that car, waxing and maintaining it myself.

All of this was fueled by wanting a 7th Gen Celica GT-S. But when my neighbor bought a S2000, that changed everything I managed to take a loan out for 15k with my mom consigning (LONG STORY, took a couple months to convince her because she didn't think I could commit, and thought the S2000 was a deathtrap) and paid off more then I should every month. In about two years I paid it off and it was time for a new car...

335i Coupe 25k loan for this one. Seriously, it wasn't that hard because I don't have to pay rent or anything, but I do have to pay for everything else like school and insurance. If I could, I would do everything again.