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Originally Posted by KANdaddy View Post
Yes...I stand by him. He is F1 gold. Almost won the title in only his second season. Alonso whoop his ass? will be a great battle but he will not whoop him. Alonso and Vettel are my two top choices for the title in 2010...followed closely by Schumi as long as he gets up to speed fairly quickly....which he should.

Put down the crack pipe my friend. You give Hamilton way too much credit. He is not even on the same planet as Schumi. To say he will teach Schumi a lesson is so laughable. They will not be on an even field...Schumi is now driving for the #1 MB team and will have technically superior equipment regardless of what you want to admit to. Hamilton will crack like an egg under the pressure of head-to-head combat with not only Schumi but Alonso as well. Its not only a matter of skill but a of experience and maturity.
Well we will wait and see
Recors speaks for it self.