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Originally Posted by Johnny Lin View Post
Tisher is selling for $90 shipped & u r trying to sell it to me for $110 shipped. Nice~
Heres ColdsmoothwildM3 ripping people off on floor mat prices.

Originally Posted by coldsmoothwildM3 View Post
Who is this lowballing retard? : I dont even think you can afford an X6M with that kind of an attitude..

obviously the seller has paid no attention to your offer above by not responding....
LMAO hes calling other people cheapskates and hes on the forums here trying to rip people off at the same time what a joke this guy is.

Read this:

Originally Posted by gthirtyfizle View Post
This is my car and that is my lip. Why would you post this up?
Originally Posted by achenator View Post
maybe he's looking for pre-orders before he steals it LOL.
Originally Posted by montreal red View Post
real pics would help your sale a lot.
Originally Posted by xrayos View Post
not to thread crap, but how can you just use someone else's pictures?
As youll see towards the end of the thread ColdsmoothwildM3 doesnt post real pics of his poly lip for sale. I wouldnt trust this guy if he cant even produce pics of merchandise hes trying to sell.