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Originally Posted by infamxkris View Post
your info has been amazing finn.. i didnt realize all the things that can alter this deal. well like i said they had this car listed at 60k and even though 55k isnt a set price he did say i can offer that as an offer. I asked if low 50s was doable. and he said there is no way this car is being moved for that amount. It didnt even sound like 55k was going to get me the car... with this said if its anywhere around 55-57k should i just walk on this deal or just bite as this is the ONLY used m3 around me... once again thank you for the wonderful info!
I am going to be brief and direct...

Just because it is the only M3 around you now, doesn't mean it will be the only M3 around you ever. Even mid-50's is too much in my opinion. If they won't do low-50's, walk, be patient, and find the car for the price you want.
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