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Originally Posted by Juggs View Post
wtf? Here i am crusing in my 325 when this kid comes up in a 335. He has the windows down, his buddy in the front seat and he starts revving his engine up. I give him a thumbs down and he squeals out and almost hits the guy in front of him ( we were stopped at a light).

wtf is with these kids that get these cars from mommy and daddy? Seriously when i was 18 i was driving a beat up 1986 honda with 300k miles on it.
man your trippin. i'm 18 and my 335i comes in late feb early march. and geuess what I am paying for it not my parents. haha. they are paying for my insurance but I'm the one paying. I study and i'm a real estate. dont stereo type people man, dude was prolly driving his parents car, because you will notice someone who drives the car daily doesnt try and do stupid shit liek that.