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Originally Posted by rsmamg View Post
drove with my remus race from los angeles to vegas. the drone started to become very annoying. i usually do not mind it on short drives or city driving. but this longer trip wasn't so great.

also, looks like your drivers side muffler is angled slightly to the left, almost touching the bumper. my driver side muffler seems to stray to that side as well and has actually melted a small part of the bumper.

hope i can get this fixed soon.
Hi There

To be honest, it took me a few weeks to get used it but now I wouldn’t go back, I love it. Never noticed it that much on long drives.

I have managed to fix the offset pipe and had a custom diffuser made, there are some pictures in this thread.

I have just had a Fabspeed Xpipe delivered from the states that I am having fitted next week. The dyno reports on their website read well “2008 BMW E92 M3 with Fabspeed X-Pipe installed combined with Remus mufflers. Power is up 30HP @2800RPM’s” Would be nice but I doubt I’ll see that much gain!

Happy holidays