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Internet Car Sales in Canada

In the US many dealerships have internet departments who will sell cars at a great price, with no frill services. I can't find anyone like that in Toronto. Anyone have any ideas? I'd prefer not to have to go from one dealer to another to beat them down on price if I could find someon who just does invoice plus 500 or so.

Specifically looking for BMW, Mercedes, Acura and Lexus.

I should mention, I'm looking for an M3 or C63, or an MDX or RX450h. Yes, I know its a wide variety of cars. My wife and I have 2 dogs, one of whom is pretty large and there is a possilbility of kid(s) in the next 3-4 years. So the SUV route makes the most sense. Plus they are a bit cheaper than the "fun" cars. But if I can get a great deal on one of the fun cars I could be persuaded.