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Originally Posted by immiketoo View Post
Dear MJC,

While I love a great steak and some Johnnie on a cold winter's night filled with hard work, I cannot in good conscience bring you this car for Christmas, due to the fact that I know you WILL be very, very bad all next year. Instead, I have decided to keep the car for myself for several reasons. I get my route done waaaay faster than I can with those reindeer, who have unionized this year (Try getting them work quickly now), I have decided I like the smell of burning rubber better than reindeer dung, and Mrs. Claus put on that skimpy outfit I gave her last year as soon as the car was delivered. Now there's more than one North Pole

Merry Christmas,

Dear Man with a red suit who is pleasantly overweight,

This is unacceptable and your insolence will not be tolerated. As a result, I will be sure to sleep with one eye opened, so that when you climb down my chimney on one foggy christmas eve....(without delivering my prized turbo) you will be met with an onslaught of livestock products, fruit, vegetables, anything that can be hurled at your head. I will then proceed to drop the "people's elbow" on you, I will take back the turbo that is rightfully mine, and be sure to show Mrs. C a "good time."

A very displeased young boy,
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