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I LOVE the INVOs on my GTI. Grip well, are quiet and have been great in the snow. I know, I know, they're not a snow tire, or even an all-weather but I just sold the car today and wasn't going to put new tires on it for the last few weeks I had it.

But anyway, the INVOs are great, work better in snow and slush than my wife's Wrangler with 32" Mud terrain T/As. Only downside is they don't last for squat. I'm running 225/40/18s that I had put on right before I shipped over here the car in May. Picked the car up at the end of July. Between July and now the tires are at least half done.

when i wear out whatever's on my M when I pick it up I'm moving to an all-season. I don't need Max Summer grip and longer life/quiter running is a plus. For me anyway.