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Originally Posted by dr325i
So, our ratio is 65%, China's 15%, Australia 15%, UK 45% and we all fall in the same category...
I don't get it...
Again...we and them all paid taxes...they get real service, you and I get NOTHING. In TX for example, they take 3% property tax, 2.5% for schools. The schools SUCKKKK big time, who's confiscating here? Who's crazy here?
You are quite selective in the countries you choose to compare. Let's take a look at some OECD member nations that you did not include:

Japan - 158%
Italy - 108%
Greece - 106%
Belgium - 94%
Turkey - 68%
Austria - 65%

If you are unhappy with the schools and property taxes in your area, move. The bottom line is our tax rates, although way to high for my tastes, are on the low end of the international spectrum. Most developed nations have income tax rates comparable to our own and then add on a VAT or GST at the national level as well.

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