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Originally Posted by amk2912 View Post
Far canal - those prices are crazy. If it were my neighbours I'd say stuff 'em as their bloody yappy dogs go all night - so I'd see it as payback.

I've looked into a Remus but they don't have a specific one for the E90 - the E92 one can be modified but it seems like a bit of a hassle. At this stage I'm waiting for an E90 model. I also chose Remus as the Sport system is ADR and not so loud as to attract a yellow sticker!
Well my neighbour has a tree that sheds enough leaves to bury a small size car. And if that isn't bad enough, a branch about 3 metres in length fell on my driveway where my E92 M3 is according to the signature. Good thing I wasn't home when that happened.

I didn't think there would be that much difference between the E90, 92, 93.

Did a bit of wikipedia, assuming the figures are correct, the E90 is 1 inch shorter and 1.3 inch wider than the E92. Exhaust hangar should still be the same. Perhaps the pipe length is different ?

Mod Bargains in the US apparently have the E90 Remus Sport available for 2008 and later models. In saying that, I could not find any E90 M3 Remus Sport on youtube.


Have you considered the Eisenmann Sport ? Apart from the price, according to feedbacks, they seem to be on the quiet side.

The reason why I opt for EVC type mufflers is because I can put it on silent mode on daily drive and open up the valves for spirited drives.

Perhaps I'll consult one of the exhaust specialist and see if the Varex is doable.
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