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Exhaust with Electronic Valve Control (EVC)

Guys, I'm just playing around with the idea of fitting Mufflers with EVC.

I have a neighbour who is quite sound sensitive and I would suspect the Evo IX track car is just about as much as they can tolerate considering I only compete 2-3 times a month.

Being, or at least, trying to be the considerate neighbour that I am, I'm looking at getting a muffler with EVC so as not to give my neighbour further trauma.

For those who are interested, it seems there are 3 options through my findings.

Bearing in mind this is not a Horsepower Seeking Exercise. I am just merely looking at some added noise "occasionally" without annoying my neighbour or myself when cruising long distance on Freeway.

Obviously these exhausts should not be any heavier than the factory system or lose horsepower.

KKS Performance - Made in Germany.

KKS features 2 EVC on each side of the muffler. The valve however only operate on 1 tip while the other is free flow.

Quality seems top notch through photos on forum. I would not consider the weight saving attribute to be of significance since you have to factor in the EVC assembly and additional flanges. However I doubt it would be heavier than a stock exhaust system.

Price is a killer. As I don't speak German other than knowing "Ja" and "Nien" through WWII films, mufflers with Elektronische Klappensteuerung or "EVC" cost about $5629 aud not including freight, customs, duties etc.

Installation requires a switch of some form to be hardwired into the car in order to control the electronic valve. Cigarette lighter seems to be the recommended location according to KKS.

Kreissieg F1 VT - AKA Exhaust from Hell. Made in Japan.

Similar to KKS performance.

Features 5 different level of sound from:

Level 1. It is equal to stock.
Level 2. Quiet sports muffler
Level 3. Sports muffler
Level 4. Sports muffler of Hi pitch loud sound
Level 5. The Super Hi pitch sound.

Uses wireless control.

Price: About $6800+ aud not including freight, customs, duties etc.

X Force - Varex Muffler - Made in Some Country. Australian Company.

X Force website does not allow me to save the photos. You can view the mufflers on their website -

No videos on E92 M3 but here is one with Holden.

I have personally seen this being installed on a Z4 ///M which uses the same engine as the E46 M3, the S54.

2 EVCs, one on each side. The concept is different to KKS.

Varex muffler feature 1 Valve controlling 2 tips. When fully open, the exhaust is free flow and nothing is mufflering the sound.

When the Valve is fully closed, exhaust flow is directed through an alternate chamber that mufflers the sound. The diagram featured on their website uses a single canon style muffler to explain how this is done but the concept is the same for twin tip oval type muffler.

On the Z4 ///M with the Valve fully closed, the exhaust is nearly, if not, even quieter than stock. Even more so quieter than my E46 M3 at idle. I can't give you the exact decibels but it is extremely quiet. You get the idea.

When the valve is fully opened, lets just say I had to stand further away as my ears hurt even when standing about 5m from the rear of the car.

On deceleration, you can hear 2 or 3 exhaust gurgle.

The Z4 ///M is obviously a completely different car and engine so take the above example with a pinch of salt.

As the mufflers were installed on the car, I did not get a close look at the quality of the welding. In terms of weight, again, I doubt it will be that significant but it won't be heavier than factory mufflers.

Price wise - I will have to confirm again, however I read from somewhere that it was on the $600+ region each (don't quote me on this) That puts it about $1300+ for a pair. Freight cost should be marginal since it is within Australia. Please note you have to factor in install/labour cost.

The plus point of the Varex muffler is that the controller is wireless. Hence all that is required is simply to tap into a 12v wire to power the EVC. Hence the process is reversible without messing around with the factory components.

The downside is that these mufflers are made universal or Holden specific type of vehicles. I believe you should be able to use the factory exhaust hangars as the only area that requires welding is the support beam on the muffler. Again, the process should be reversible as no modifications are done to the car. Only simple welding performed on the muffler itself.

The only problem at hand is the dimension of the muffler. As I don't know the dimensions of the muffler, there may be clearance issues. This is an area that needs to be looked at.

Anyone in the same boat as I am ?

Or I could just be an inconsiderate neighbour and can get Eisenmann Race.
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