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Originally Posted by Panda///Monic View Post
Thanks for the pics.
Looks like BMW has their own solution for the power steering system overheating and I like their mounting points for the front Moton canisters
Curious also to know what the steel braided hose line behind the air intake box is for

I wonder what is involved in swapping the parts for that rear suspension to a regular M3. That would be so much better, the rear is unstable and squierrly which is why I bet most M3's in lower race series are running Wings
1. From what I've read, the shocks are by Íhlins.

2. The rear suspension swap is actually very simple. Per GT4 regulations (yes, I actually read the whole thing), only the shocks and sways are allowed to be changed. The rest of the suspension is more or less the same as stock. So, it would be very easy to do a swap to implement the system. In fact, someone has already done it for a E92 M3 race car. All you need is the strut and appropriate mounts.