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Originally Posted by enigma01 View Post
Good for you for getting such a favorable rate, but I am not sure what your point is. The interest rate from a financial institution has nothing to do with the projected inflation? I never said 5.9% is due to the inflation, but how do you figure it has nothing to do with the projected economical conditions?
I'm not sure what's you point of inflation in this thread is, neither.

My point is that BMW 5.9% for 72 months is nothing to brag about, much less to even say that it is a "good" rate and that it is not based on any inflation. It is most probably due to the 44,000 units production cut for the USA this year becoming a permanent cut from now on due to low sales, so BMW it is just adjusting their profit margin accordingly wherever they can, like increases lease and finance rates, .4% MSRP increase this January, and a possible 5% additional increase in MSRP next March.