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Originally Posted by trucheli View Post
I guess mine was done right. Back in June I took delivery of my E92 M3 DCT in Munich. For the first 300 miles i took it easy but after that I was doing 170 mph for short periods of time. I must say that my car runs great and I haven't had to add any oil yet. There is nothing like getting a car with 0 miles on the clock and knowing that you are the only one responsible for the treatment of your vehicle. If you have never done European Delivery you are missing a big part of what BMW is all about. I have learned to respect the brand and appreciate the workmanship that goes into any BMW car regardless of the model. I have seen a lot of senseless modifications here and I wonder what the guys at the M division have to say about it, I think they are still laughing at the way people butcher their cars.
I did nearly the same thing. Waited until around 400 miles before I drove it above 110MPH in Germany. I was respectful of break-in...never full throttle and shifted prior to 5500 RPM, but I did not follow the break-in procedures on the top speed though. I had over 500 miles on the car when I drove 100+MPH from Nuremberg to Munich (100 miles). My top speed was 152MPH (wow, what a smooth ride at high speed). I did not take the bait of trying to run with a new 911. I was running at 130MPH and he was coming up pretty quick. I moved over and let him fly past. If I had more miles on the car, I know I would driven it much harder and faster....110mph is not fast enough in Germany, especially when station wagons were passing me.