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Originally Posted by mapezzul View Post
You are correct. Having spent enough time with the guys from ///M (Albert is great!) to know that after the first 100 miles the bearing are set etc. the rest of the break in is because of the rear diff and transmission as far as the drive line is concerned. The rear diff is very sensitive and can develop a whine if not broken in the right way- usually 300 miles does that then drive it like you stole it!

Remember the brakes and tires need about 300 miles as well as the suspension so after that magic 300 number go to town on it.
I guess mine was done right. Back in June I took delivery of my E92 M3 DCT in Munich. For the first 300 miles i took it easy but after that I was doing 170 mph for short periods of time. I must say that my car runs great and I haven't had to add any oil yet. There is nothing like getting a car with 0 miles on the clock and knowing that you are the only one responsible for the treatment of your vehicle. If you have never done European Delivery you are missing a big part of what BMW is all about. I have learned to respect the brand and appreciate the workmanship that goes into any BMW car regardless of the model. I have seen a lot of senseless modifications here and I wonder what the guys at the M division have to say about it, I think they are still laughing at the way people butcher their cars.

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