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Originally Posted by turb934 View Post
Spend 10 days in Germany third week of October on a trip arranged by BMW dealership. Trip included behind the scene Welt tour, BMW museum tour, Munich factory tour. Two days at Sazburgring for M power experience driving X5& 6M's on track including dinner with M division president, two days driving BMW formula cars at Nurburbring and one day in Munich with M sales & marketing & engineering where we were given M3,5 & 6's for the day for a drive on the Autobahn to Garmisch with a stop at the M engine development factory for a tour where we got to see the dynos the development engines are run on. Also given some details of M3 GTS prior to public release of the information. Seen some test mules during the day with what turned out to be the M3 GTS brakes & rims.
What a trip!!

I guess you did meet and greet the guys in the lab coats