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Originally Posted by dr325i
All numbers I gave you are facts...has nothing to do with Bush or with brainwashing...

And that thing with confiscating the property is a pure propaganda and the very brainwashing I was talking about...

You have absolutely no clue what is out there, but that is OK...not everyone deserves to experience it...
I did not dispute your numbers. They reflect the point I was making, our national debt is not outside the norm for a post-industrial economy.

Health care and housing are not free. If the person obtaining either is not the person paying for it then someone else is. If that other person did not voluntarily pay for the doctor's visit or house, then the money used to pay for it was taken from him without his consent. In the English language we call that confiscating.

By rough count I have spent time in about 16 different countries. I have seen plenty.

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