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Originally Posted by ganeil
I believe you are the one brainwashed. You continue to believe whatever nonsense is spouted as long as it is anti-Bush.

If you believe that a nation is better when it's government confiscates one person's property or income to give to another person in the form of health care or housing, then I am happy that you are not happy here. That is socialism and I want no part of it.

FWIW, my travel is not limited to Iraq but to many nations around the world. I am happy to say that after a few weeks or so I am happy to get back to the USA.
All numbers I gave you are facts...has nothing to do with Bush or with brainwashing...

And that thing with confiscating the property is a pure propaganda and the very brainwashing I was talking about...

You have absolutely no clue what is out there, but that is OK...not everyone deserves to experience it...