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Originally Posted by canuck335i
I dare you to make me run, soldier...

I am just back from the children's table and discussions there where way more relevant than the crap that comes out of that feed hole of yours, Philip Martin (a young Marine) was there and is sharing his real experiences:
Don't get snippy with me little boy.

This Marine has a lot to learn.

The war is not illegal.

One intelligence report should not considered by anyone to be definitive.

The oath he took also required him to obey the orders of the President of the United States and the officers appointed over him.

The founders of this country did not create the states, the states pre-existed and formed the federal government.

If he thinks this nation was never expansionist, he needs to ask himself how thirteen small east coast colonies came to span a continent.

I am sure the people of Germany, Italy, and Japan would differ with his assertion that democracy cannot be forced on people.

If he met no Iraqis that were happy to have us there, he obviously did not meet many Kurds or marsh Arabs.

I feel sorry for that Marine, he lost some friends and is having a hard time dealing with it. That is something I understand well. He should not diminish his friends death by diminishing what he was fighting for.

- Semper Fi

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