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Originally Posted by FStop7 View Post
There are so many fake 11-99 plates these days that it probably won't work much longer
Well I have a lifetime member plaque/wallet. I keep my driver's license in it and always make sure to hand it over to the officer if stopped, which is rare. As far as I know these wallets were discontinued years ago and were never replicated so I am sure any officer who doubted the legitimacy of my membership would be reassured.

Originally Posted by AlpWtE92 View Post
Where on 280N were you when you noticed the CHP? I commute between SF and Palo Alto on the 280 almost every day. I know of at least 5-6 spots in each direction where the CHP can hide out, but even with that knowledge, I still drive close to the speed limit because I've simply seen too many people get pulled over on 280.
It was between Page Mill and Redwood City this afterrnoon around 2pm. I did notice several CHP pulling people over along the way. I usually don't drive 280 so I wasn't sure if that is normal.

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