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That is the thing this video is showing that the temperature has NOT gone up according to factual statistical data analysis. Lord Monckton is not the only one saying it. There are plenty of other mathematicians that have deduced that from factual data.

It actually has gone down a few tenths of a celsius in the last 30 years, according to Lord Monckton. Secondly, environmental change is inevitable since it has always happened since the beginning of time and will continue to happen until the end of time. It is just that the tree-huggers and politically motivated groups have distorted the facts. As a matter of fact, the rate of increase in pollution has decreased immensely in the last 15 years in western countries while it increased in the poor nations due to increasing poverty leading people to driving cars that have no proper way to filter emissions (catalytic converters, proper exhausts etc.)

The solution for pollution is simply building cleaner cars. Like I stated the cars now are 97% more efficient and cleaner than they were in 1971 giving examples of a Porsche GT3/Turbo 911 997 that are ultimate performance machines emitting cleaner gases than the atmosphere in countries like China and India have. If you ever been to Asian countries like China (I have been), you will see they have vehicles running without exhausts and have lots of fumes coming out. Many of the cars being driven there are 20+ year old.

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There is no denying that there is a global warming. The question is how much impact human pollution had on it if at all. That's where scientists disagree. Proponents of status quo say humans had no impact while crazed out eco nazis would like us to return to the stone age. I'll agree with you that the auto industry has been IMO unfairly put forward as the main culprit even though they made great improvement in their level of emissions in the last few decades.

Let's face it, a city like London with its millions of inhabitants is facing some serious flooding problems if the level of the Thames River rises a few meters due to a climate change. So apparently it's easier to reduce the emissions to avoid a rise in the river's level as opposed to relocating a whole population.
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