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Originally Posted by PencilGeek View Post
Yes they are troublemakers, but it's also regional in nature. In fact, it's so much so regional, that some world-wide vendors simply don't care to sell product into the SoCal market. They consider them pack hounds -- always following some local regional leader. Whatever the local leader puts on his car, the rest follow suit or wish they had it on their car as well. There's no logic to it, no research to their buying patterns, and not even well thought out purchases. Certain vendors have admitted, they can't crack the SoCal market and don't even like to talk to these guys on the phone.

So yes, I understand "SoCal" has been used as a euphamism for "troublemakers" but there really is a regional aspect to it as well. In some posts, I've intentionally used the "SoCal" euphamism because I want them to feel singled out. The smart ones won't be offended anyways because they're already indepenant thinkers and know they're not the ones being singled out.

A lot of people in So Cal are Jerks

When i joined this Forum last year it was more about education and learning than it was about Arguing and Trolling.

This place has become a high school with the amount of Drama and Bullshit i see

I hope the Educated and Contributing members of this forum stay and continue their work

A lot of members and vendors on this Forum need a
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