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agreed. It's true geoengineering takes a long time to take effect. But that doesn't negate the necessity or utility of it. I want my kid to grow up and see polar bears.

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There is no denying that there is a global warming. The question is how much impact human pollution had on it if at all. That's where scientists disagree. Proponents of status quo say humans had no impact while crazed out eco nazis would like us to return to the stone age. I'll agree with you that the auto industry has been IMO unfairly put forward as the main culprit even though they made great improvement in their level of emissions in the last few decades.

Let's face it, a city like London with its millions of inhabitants is facing some serious flooding problems if the level of the Thames River rises a few meters due to a climate change. So apparently it's easier to reduce the emissions to avoid a rise in the river's level as opposed to relocating a whole population.