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Originally Posted by dr325i
DO you realize that W did not do any diplomatic move since 2000 except in last few weeks when he lost the majority in the house/senat. That is ill. That is what this thread should be about -- how to get this country back on the right track...
Where do you get your information? No diplomatic moves since 2000? That is even nuttier than your assertion that the federal gov't controls your property taxes.

The fear that was injected into our lives post 911 is not healthy. Luckily, it is diminishing, but W controlled 300M Americans by raising the "threat levels" every time an important move was to be made -- senate voting, re-election... Nothing is done in 6 years, absolutely NOTHING. Occupied two worthless countries, wasted trillions, wasted lives, economy artificially boosted (no economy can realistically sustain the cost of the wars we have), lost world respects and alies... Remember, I lived in the country that followed the same ignorance -- spending, spending, live with the moto of We're the best, I don't care about the rest. THen, the decades of the artificial freedoms and great lives disappeared, and it was the payback time -- that country is no more...
Our current deficit is right around 2-3% of GDP. Your knowledge of economics is appalling.

Our current deficit is low by historical standards.

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