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No worries. As a mod, I've learned that it's best not to jump into a thread and take action without understanding what's going on (unless something is obviously wrong). So, in many cases, I leave a thread alone if I haven't read it, and there are many many threads that I've never clicked on that I know nothing about. For instance, I don't visit the cosmetic modifications section often, and I have very little knowledge of what's inside. A lot of threads get created in the main section every day. I don't even get to read 20% of the titles. But I do take action on the threads I do read if I think there is a need. Naturally, the more provocative/interesting titles attrack more of attention, so I am more likely to read them (and act on them if there is a need). I don't know how it is for other moderators, but I can't imagine it being that much different. I agree that this might result in a somewhat inconsistent picture overall. And some threads are hard to judge such as the watch thread. It is about M3 owners, but does it really belong to the general M3 forum? One could argue that it does because it is about "///M". One can also argue that it is not about the car, so it should be somewhere else, etc. However, that might simply point out a need to further define the purpose of the general M3 forum.