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My apologies lucid if I am upsetting you here. I have nothing but respect for you as a moderator and as a fellow M3 owner and knowledgeable forum member.

To be honest, my line of questioning was not meant to be with respect to the posts kmarei was speaking about in his OP. I really was just looking for some general rule clarification. Perhaps I ought to have started a seperate thread for it - my apologies.

In any case, I do realize you guys only have so much bandwidth and that is completely understandable. Nevertheless, some off-topic threads go on for days or longer, sitting at the top of the thread list and are never moved, while other off topic posts are being picked off all around them. It certainly gives the appearance that some posts are consciously being treated differently for some reason. Admittedly things like this can be misinterpreted, and this could be such a case.

I suppose from now on I will simply report off topic posts as you suggest.
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