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Originally Posted by NetBoy View Post
I've used both. Langka would be better for large single chips and you use the OEM paint.

dr colorchip seems to be better for road rash. I have jet black and my lower panels have tiny white dots behind the front wheels.
I've only used dr once and got so so results. I plan on trying it again this weekend.
Please post results. The nastiest chip is a kidney-shaped one (like an '8' but sideways) almost at the edge of the hood, next to the roundel. It's all the way to the primer, and all I can say is the paint is ridiculously thin on this car. Can barely feel it . It's pretty big for a chip; total width probably the size of a pencil's eraser, and half as tall. And also have many more 'normal' chips to fix (and on my other cars too), I'd say between 2 and 3 mm. That's why I was thinking of Langka, since I have OEM factory paint for all; otherwise it's going to be expensive to order the colorchip with 3 different touch-up colors, no? Oh, and also have some pretty small chips too, like 1mm.

Hopefully one kit can do them all. I have OEM paint, but bought it a few months ago, and have never used it (I'd probably wouldn't use the clear bottle, or should I?). Wonder if colorchip has a proper match for my SSII. Looking forward to reading your results and recommendations. Thanks.