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Originally Posted by ganeil
Then the governments of those nations are free to ask us to leave. Despite your assertion, the German government actually opposes our plan to redeploy a large number of our troops out of Germany and Poland and Hungary have offered to host our forces there.
Again, you're assesing the opinion of 190 people vs. billions. THe leaders may offer that in order to get the money from us, the regular citizens want freedoms. We promote world's freedoms, but we occupied more countries than anyone else. We promote anti-slavery and ethnic discrimination, but we were the ones who practiced it. We don't want the nuclear weapon to impose the threat on the world peace, but we were the only ones to ever use it and instantly wipe off 250k people. We complain when Saddam does not follow the rules of the War and does not respect the Geneva Convention, but then we change the rules and adopt them to our own liking...
We can do all that today, but not for a long...then we will be in trouble. Again, not you or I, but our childrena dn their children...