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Global warming and climate change is the biggest hoax of the century. Just goes to show how blindly people follow what popular groups and politicians say. There is no scientific proof that making emissions zero would stop climate change. On the contrary, the climate change will get even more deteriorated due to destroyed eco-systems and bird migration patterns due to the proposed nonsensical alternatives (install windmills to generate power) and acid rain as well as high level of emissions caused through production of electric batteries for hybrids.

Climate change has been happening since the beginning of time and will continue till the end of time (how else could have continents been formed?). Nothing will stop it.

We will just end up with boring, bland and appliance hybrid electric cars like Toyota Prius and the climate change nazis will pick another agenda to wipe out in the name of climate change.

p.s. The cars on the road today are 97% more efficient and fuel efficient than the cars on the average back in 1971. A Porsche 911 Turbo/GT3 (270 - 290 gm/km CO2 emissions) would inhale more polluted air in Calcutta or Los Angeles than it expels from the exhaust.
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