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Originally Posted by brava09 View Post
IMO, the mods are not very active on this forum.
I don't know how you think you're able to judge this. Maybe it was a mistake to let some of your posts in the Z4 thread stand.

Originally Posted by mkoesel View Post
If you are referring to the "what xxxx do ///M owners yyy" threads, those were started to poke a little fun at the watch thread. Myself, I don't think there is anything wrong with owning and takling about watches. That's great if that is your thing. However I do think it is ironic and mysterious that that thread is allowed to sit in this forum, while all the other off topic thread get sent to the Off Topic forum. If the mods would simply be consistent and move all off topic threads to the off topic forum, I'm sure that none of the copy-cat or parody threads would have been created here - my own beer thread included.
I was under the impression that it might be better to leave some threads being redundant to existing ones in the OT section alone instead of moving them there. But, you guys seem to prefer sending all of these topics to the OT section. Not a big deal, consider them moved.

Originally Posted by Vise View Post
On that note, is it time to reinstate Le Mans Blue yet?
Some more patience.

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Those forums...WHY NOT?

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