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calling out epacy, swamp, lucid, GregW, south, le mans, mantis, PG, savage, footie, Bruce the ones who really made the most interesting posts to this forum, I guess some moved on, but me being from Guatemala, when I found this forum it was so fun, the people from so many different countries sharing one passion, I was bashed so many times on other forums because I got my car before the US, Euro spec, on early Sep 07, calling me spick, guys from SoCal who didn't bare the thought of a third world country guy getting the M first, so I stopped posting and erased my posts, when I came here and posted pics of my car, which I think was one of the firsts all I got was positive comments, felt right at home, sharing experiences from people all around the globe, it saddens me to see such valuable and interesting ideas gone and so many controversial but at the same time valuable members to this forum, even Mantis made dull and boring posts fun to read, ah, the memories