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Originally Posted by kmarei View Post
well something looked weird
because every single other thread, when moved, stays on the main page with MOVED: next to it
except that one
that's why i thought it was deleted
Every mod probably handles moves somewhat differently. My approach is to leave a 1-day redirect for threads that have at least some kind of connection to the section they were posted in. If you start an engine modification related thread in the main section, it is still M3 related, so I will leave the redirect after moving the thread to the appropiate section. If there is no M3 connection, I will not leave a redirect as the thread is off-topic to that forum/section.

Having said this, I initially deleted Bruce's thread on the basis that it was off topic to the General M3 Forum as it had no M3 content. Shortly after (based on my own consideration and not on any discussion) it occured to me that it is relevant to the site related feedback section, so I moved it there.

This thread is also technically off topic. I will leave it here for the time being so that members are more aware of the site related feedback section. I don't think people are all that familiar with it. It certainly escapes my thinking at times, but I think we could all use it more to have this kind of discussion.